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BluePath Service Dogs

Agency Description
Mission Statement: BluePath provides autism service dogs offering safety, companionship and opportunities for independence.
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Opportunity:Home Litter Care

Date:12/28/2022 -

Agency:BluePath Service Dogs

Home Litter Care volunteers take a BluePath breeder mom (brood) and her pups into their homes for approximately five weeks. They provide early socialization and care for our youngest future service dogs, while also offering love and support to their mom.

The time commitment varies dependent on the size of the litter but includes intensive cleaning, regular feeding, walking the brood and daily grooming. All equipment and supplies are provided, with the exception of newspaper.

Program Requirements

  • Live within 45 minutes of Hopewell Junction and have the ability to travel to our headquarters to pick up and drop off puppies and equipment.   

  • Follow all cleaning, feeding and socialization guidelines provided.

Please note that Home Litter Care opportunities are difficult to predict and may happen infrequently.  If this isn’t a fit for you, please consider one of our other volunteer opportunities, such as sitting, puppy raising or fostering.

Opportunity:Adult Dog Foster

Date: -

Agency:BluePath Service Dogs

Once our future autism service dogs are between 14-18 months old and begin training with a professional BluePath trainer, they are fostered in the homes of volunteers. Three to five times a week, the foster drops the dog off in Wappingers Falls in the morning and returns for pickup in the late afternoon. Dogs remain with the Foster until placement as a BluePath service dog.

Start date varies based on dog - and volunteer - availability.

Opportunity:Foster a BluePath Brood or Stud

Date: -

Agency:BluePath Service Dogs

BluePath dogs are “purpose-bred,” meaning they possess the superior health and temperament that gives them the best chance to be successful as service dogs. Breeding colony dogs are vital to BluePath’s mission; they help to ensure we can continue to provide autism service dogs for many years to come.

Broods and studs live in volunteer foster homes within 1.5 hours of BluePath’s Hopewell Junction headquarters. Fosters are responsible for the overall health and well-being of their charges, along with the transport to and from BluePath as needed. Fosters will be trained in dog handling and care and must provide adequate exercise for their charges - approximately three miles of walking or running daily.

The length of time for this volunteer commitment varies; it can range from a few short months to several years.

Opportunity:Puppy Raiser

Date: -

Agency:BluePath Service Dogs

Puppy Raisers care for our future autism service dogs in their homes for 12-16 months. They teach basic obedience skills and house manners and socialize their pups to all of the sights and sounds of the world.  The Puppy Raising Program is a fundamental part of the journey of a BluePath dog; it provides the foundation on which formal service dog training will build.

Start date varies based on dog - and volunteer - availability.

Note that first-time raisers will be required to “puppy-sit” for a 6-18mo pup for 10-14 days.

"It's such a joy to raise a puppy.  There’s a wonderful sense of community; you really gain an extended family. It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of a team that is truly making a difference."   - puppy raiser Kathleen H.